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Terms & Conditions


  • A non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of the purchase price is required at the signing of the Purchase Agreement.  This deposit will be held by Carousel Farm until the conditions of the Agreement have been met.

  • Certified check for the total amount due no later than 48-hours after the notice from the Veterinarian that the Horse has passed the pre-purchase examination.  Deposit check will be returned to Buyer. 


Buyer shall have the Horse examined by a qualified equine veterinarian satisfactory to both Buyer and Seller within 14 days of the signing of the purchase agreement.  The sale shall be conditional upon the Horse's passing or waiving of such exam.  The cost of the examination and any related services shall all be borne by the Buyer.  This exam shall take place either on-site at Carousel Farm with the use of a mobile facility or at a Equine Clinic with transportation provided by a bonded & qualified service-provider satisfactory to both Buyer and Seller. 

  1. If the Horse fails said exam, unless already done so by the Buyer, Carousel Farm shall pay all costs of the pre-purchase examination from the Buyer's deposit.  Carousel Farm shall return the balance thereof to the Buyer.  The parties shall be released from all further obligations under this agreement and the agreement shall be null and void; and all copies shall be returned to Carousel Farm for cancellation. 

  2. If the Horse passes said exam, the Buyer shall pay Carousel Farm the balance due no later than 72 hours of parties' notification that the Horse passed said exam.

  3. Buyer will pay a daily board rate $12.50, commencing after the pre-purchase exam and the balance is paid. 

Carousel Farm represents and warrants that they have good title to the Horse and full power to sell the Horse to the Buyer free and clear of all encumbrances.  Carousel Farm makes no other representations of warranties whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the Horse; including, without limitations, any express or implied warranties concerning the physical condition, health, soundness or any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purposed, all of which warranties are hereby expressly excluded.  Buyer shall accept delivery of the Horse from Seller "as is". 


All times referred to herein for the performance of any of the obligations of this Agreement are the essence.  Should the Buyer fail to perform on fulfilling any terms or conditions of this Agreement, Carousel Farm may retain the deposit money paid by the Buyer on account of the purchase as liquidation damages, Carousel Farm shall be released from all obligations hereunder, and this Agreement shall be null and void. 

Delivery of the Horse shall be made at Carousel Farm when full payment has been received, at which time the registration certificate for the Horse shall be endorsed by Carousel Farm to the Buyer.

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